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AB Biller 32" Special Spear Gun, Mahogany, Mahogany

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Most spear guns are made of 3 basic materials metal aluminum and wood. Each has items own benefits. A wood: wood guns are preferred by many experienced spearos and Spearing Champions. AB Biller wood guns are often their choice. Why choose woodsias beautiful. Which wood is best for metals a matter of which look you prefer. There are three types of wood choices mahogany, pad auk and teak. AB Biller mahogany guns have 3 coats of polyurethane that give a nice shine mahogany wood. Pad auk has a deep cherry color with swirly, interlocking grains. Teak is a highly valued wood with a light brown color accentuating the grains in the wood. Both teak and pad auk are hand rubbed with boiled linseed oil giving the guns a perfect finish. There are practical reasons to buy a wood gun. AB Biller wood guns are more accurate, quiet and neutrally buoyant for easy handling underwater. Versatility: are you fishing in limited visibility, or crystal clear water shunting for big fish or smaller fish, fast swimmers or fish hiding in the Rocks and wrecks brand name internal guns can be easily altered to make the perfect gun. A spearo can easily change shafts for either speed, distance or power. Most guns have shafts that can accommodate an extra power band for added power or distance. The majority of AB Biller guns come with threaded shafts so tips can be changed in an instant. As a underwater Hunter you can simply modify all AB Biller guns to meet a wide variety of situations. Features: double barb rock point tip: hardened stainless steel5/16 inch stainless steel shaft two 9/16" rubber slings size range:24" range 6 foot32" range 8 foot36" range 9 foot42" range 10 foot48" range 12 foot54" range 13 foot60" range 15 foot.

  • Double Barb rock point tip: hardened stainless steel
  • 5/16 inch stainless steel shaft, two 9/16 inch rubber slings
  • Includes: AB Biller wood Mahogany Special spear gun