AB Biller

AB Biller 5/8" OD Rubber Sling, Black

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You are fully suited up and are ready to put your fins on to start your hunting dive. You next grab your spear gun and test the bands and one of them snaps! Having spare spear slings on hand when out on the hunt is just good sense. Don't let a damaged spear sling ruin a day or multi-day hunting trip. AB Biller 5/8" (16mm) O.D. with 100% natural rubber tubing sling with special stainless-steel swiveling wishbone are just what you need as a spare. Slings are available in multiple lengths to fit any AB Biller speargun. These durable long-life designs come in 7 lengths of 14" (35.6cm) for 24" (61cm) guns, 16" (40.64cm) for 32" (81.3cm) guns, 18" (45.7cm) for 36" (91.5cm) guns, 20" (50.1cm) for 42" (106.7cm) guns, 22" (55.9cm) for 48" (122cm) guns, 24" (61cm) for 54" (137.2cm) guns and 26" (66cm) for 60" (152.4cm) guns. For guns see SKU's: ABBLS, ABBMS, ABBLTD, ABBPS and ABBSS. Great save-a-dive-kit item. The dive you save might just be your own!

  • AB Biller 5/8" OD Rubber Sling
  • AB Biller 5/8" (16mm) OD Rubber Sling:
  • Always Carry Spares
  • Designed for AB Biller Spear Guns:See SKU's; ABBLS, ABBMS, ABBLTD, ABBPS and ABBSS
  • Available in 7 Lengths:14" (35.6cm) for 24" (61cm) Guns16" (40.64cm) for 32" (81.3cm) Guns18" (45.7cm) for 36" (91.5cm) Guns20" (50.1cm) for 42" (106.7cm) Guns22" (55.9cm) for 48" (122cm) Guns24" (61cm) for 54" (137.2cm) Guns26" (66cm) for 60" (152.4cm) Guns