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Atomic M1 Sealed DIN 1st Stage Regulator

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How can simply turning the tank valve and pressurizing the first stage of your new Atomic regulator be a life-changing experience? Atomic divers characterize it as confidence. They realize that a simple twist of the wrist energizes the finest piece of dive equipment made. They are confident that their Atomic regulator will perform perfectly delivering the first easy, natural breath of their dive...every time they dive. That s exactly what we expected when we crafted it for you.

  • Atomic M1 Regulator 1st Stage Only, DIN, Sealed
  • Atomic M1 Regulator 1st Stage Only, DIN, Sealed:
  • State-of-the-Art Metals for Extreme Diving Situations
  • High Strength, Corrosion-Resistance and Oxygen Compatibility
  • Nitrox Ready for Mixtures Up to 50% or Oxygen Mixes to 80% Out-of-the-Box