Bare 3mm Sport Front Zip Jacket Wetsuit Men's

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Constructed from standard neoprene, this jacket layers perfectly with the 3mm John for additional warmth. This jacket is a sport style which means it will fit like a neoprene jacket not a snug wetsuit. Use the size chart as a guide but if you have questions please call first. SPORT family wetsuits are constructed from standard neoprene laminated with nylon 2-sides (N2S) fabric, known to be a durable and reliable choice for beginner to experienced enthusiasts, both above and below the waterline. The SPORT series offers the most extensive selection of styles and INSULAYERING accessories displaying bold new graphics and more color options. The SPORT series suits offer unmatched value while providing the same legendary BARE-FIT patterns that we use in all our other BARE wetsuit families.

  • Created especially for those with limited mobility
  • For use if you have a hard time getting in and out of non zippered wetsuits
  • Features 100 percent superstretch neoprene for lots of flexibility
  • Has sealed and taped seams to keep cold water out
  • Wear for any watersport - a favorite for water aerbobics, and pool rehab