BigBlue Interchangeable Light Head for AL1200NP LED Light

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You just set up your equipment for the first night or deep penetration dive of your vacation in Saint Somewhere, as you turn on your dive/video light to check your gauges the light beam fades. The worst thing that could happen before a night/tech dive just did! Your dive light, light head is dead. Never leave for your holiday without a spare light head. If you own a Bigblue AL1200NP-II Light (see SKU: BBLAL1200NPI) and are looking for a new light head this is what you need. This is the perfect light head for general purpose or to peer into crevices to find hidden critters! Light head provides 1200 lumens in level IV at 6500K color temperature, has a narrow 10° penetrating beam angle from an XML LED. Four power settings to reduce intensity and increase battery life. The light head provides 1200 lumens (Level IV), 600 lumens (Level III) 300 lumens (Level II) and 120 lumens (level I). There is also an SOS function for emergency signaling. The lights burn times with this light head are 2-hours (level IV), 5-hours (level III), 10-hours (level II) and 20-hours (level I). A color-coded battery indicator lets you know when to recharge the battery for optimum use. Built-to-last with the housing made from anodized aluminum means rugged dependability. Lens is made from tempered optical glass and the light is depth rated to 330' (100 meters). Light head is a great save-a-dive-kit item.

  • Bigblue LH-AL1200NP-II Light Head for AL1200NP-II 1200 Lumens LED Light
  • Bigblue LH-AL1200NP-II Light Head for AL1200NP-II 1200 Lumens LED Light:
  • Designed for Bigblue 1200NP-II 1200 Lumens LED Light SKU: BBLAL1200NPI
  • Perfect Light for General Purpose or Peering into Crevices to Find Hidden Critters!
  • Provides 1200 Lumens in Level IV at 6500K Color Temperature