BigBlue Slim Fit Goodman Handle (Easy Release)

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Easy release Goodman handle now with a more-slim fit. Goodman Handle made of anti-corrosive aluminum alloy. The Bigblue light mount for lights with mounting square allows you to have use of your hand while holding your light. Handle is designed to be used with Bigblue light with a 2-prong mounting square (AL1800 and up). SKU's: BBLAL18XWPTC, BBLTL2600P, BBLAL2600XWP, BBLVTL2600P, BBL2600XWPI, BBLVL30000P, BBLTL3100P, BBLVTL3100P, BBLTL3100PS, BBLVL3500P, BBLTL3500P, BBLTL3500PS, BBLVTL3500P, BBLVTL3800P, BBLVL4200, BBLTL4500P, BBLTL4800P, BBLVTL5500P, BBLVL5800P, BBLVL6000P, BBLVTL6300P, BBLVL6500PTC, BBLCB6500P, BBLVL7200PTC, BBLVL7500P, BBLVTL8000P, BBLVL8000PTC, BBLVL8300P, BBLVL9000P, BBLCB9000P, BBLVL1000P. Excellent choice for lobster diving at night or when you need both hands available when using your dive light.

  • Bigblue Slim Fit Goodman Handle
  • Bigblue Slim Fit Goodman Handle:
  • Designed for Lights with Mounting Square
  • Integrated Easy Release System
  • Hands Free Light Use