BigBlue VL4200P Light Head

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You just set up your equipment for the first night or deep penetration dive of your vacation in Saint Somewhere, as you turn on your dive/video light to check your gauges the light beam fades. The worst thing that could happen before a night/tech dive just did! Your dive light, light head is dead. Never leave for your holiday without a spare light head. If you own a Bigblue VL4200P Light (see SKU: BBLVL4200) and are looking for a new light head this is what you need. This light head is a great choice for any diver taking video whether it be Go Pro or a higher light performance requirement. It has 4200 lumens and a 120° extra wide beam that's perfect for videos and photos as there are no hard edges. This light head also has a built-in color-coded battery light indicator that makes it easy to see how much battery life remains. The LH-VL4200P comes in three high gloss color options of black, blue and pink. Light head provides 4,200 lumens at 6500K color temperature. Illumination is provided by 6 x XPE LED + 4 x RED LED. Reliable push button switch, and built-in red LED setting for sneaking up on your favorite undersea creatures. Four power settings to reduce intensity and increase battery life. Light provide 4,200 lumens (level IV), 2,100 lumens (level III), 1,050 lumens (level II) and 420 lumens (level I). In red color mode light provides 200 lumens of brightness. Light burn times with this light head are 1.5-hours (level IV), 3-hours (level III), 6-hours

  • Bigblue LH-VL4200P Light Head for VL4200P Video Light
  • Bigblue LH-VL4200P Light Head for VL4200P Video Light:
  • Designed for Bigblue VL4200P Light (see SKU: BBLVL4200)
  • Great for Taking Video w/Go Pro or Higher Light Performance Requirement
  • 120° Extra Wide Beam w/No Hard Edges