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Comfort and flexibility for freedivers or spearfishers. The C4 Surfer Freediving Fins with blades and 300 Foot Pockets provide that and more. The combination of the lightweight pockets and soft blades give freedom of movement while providing the right amount of stability for kicking. With its wide blades, these fins offer elasticity and less chance of breakage, taking you farther with less effort. The 300 foot pockets are one of the lightest on the market, saving your legs up to 20 ounces in weight for each pair. Swim faster than ever with the C4 300 freediving fins. Hydrodynamic 300 foot pockets High modulus plastic freediving foot blades Streamlined foot pockets help prevent fatigue Lightweight for travel or transporting to dive sites Soft, wide blades for effortless movement Foot pockets have a 3-degree angle