Henderson 3mm Women's Aqua Lock Fullsuit

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3mm Women's Henderson AQUA LOCK FullsuitNo one enjoys feeling cold and not flexible while SCUBA diving. Which is why this 3mm Women's Henderson AQUA LOCK Fullsuit is a great option! Made with a super comfortable and flexible neoprene that has 250% stretch, this fullsuit has some awesome advanced wetsuit features. The exterior of the suit has a luxurious feel and is pill resistant thanks to the Aqua Silk material. Meanwhile the inside of this suit is fully lined with a quick dry lining! Did we mention that this soft and warm quick dry lining dries in minutes?! Yep, minutes! Other features include: sealed and externall liquid taped seams for a durable, warm and watertight experience, a full back zipper which limits water entry into the suit, durable Duratex knee pads, an adjustable collar, and zipperless Aqua Lock wrist and ankle seals which work perfectly with the Aqua Lock gloves and boots for a near waterproof seal!1yr Warranty

  • 100% Premium Stretch
  • Sealed & Taped
  • Full Back Zipper
  • 60 Degrees & Up