Henderson Thermoprene 5mm Back Zippered Men's Jumpsuit

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Get the features and design benefits of more expensive suits in this economically priced jumpsuit ideal for both local waters and exotic destinations. TheThermoprene Jumpsuit’s effectivenessis based on a contoured fit that helps keeps water exchange to a minimum combined with a superior grade of neoprene for maximum heat retention.

Thermoprene is crafted from a high quality neoprene that has 75% more stretch than standard wetsuit material. This increased stretch significantly improves diver comfort by making Thermoprene suits noticeably more flexible than the competition. Thermoprene is also easier to get into, pulling over the shoulders and around the torso with less huff and puff than standard wetsuits. And, the fabric's exterior stands upextremely well to friction, meaning it won't show undue wear from BC straps and weight belts.

All seams are GBS-glued and blindstitched, which further prevents water seepage and extends suit life. Creature comforts includeLycra trimmed cuffs, a spinepad and an adjustable collar. To help protect the suit durable, yet flexible freedom flex knee pads are included.

  • Lycra Trim
  • GBS-Glued & Blindstiched Seams
  • Back Zip Adjustable Collar
  • Freedom Flex Knee Pads
  • Spine Pad/Zipper Seal, Excellent Multi-Sport Wetsuit