JBL Elite Woody North East Spear Gun 29" (73.7 cm) 6W33E

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Looking for a speargun thats fast, quiet, affordable and accurate? Put your hands on the Elite series guns. Woody Elites feature our revolutionary M-8, 3-piece trigger mechanism. Its compound leverage design and .25 Inches stainless components make it the strongest mechanism in the world and provide shooters with smooth, effortless trigger pull. The handle is...well, amazing. The ergonomic design and hexel pattern increases grip control and accuracy. Once you hold it you will never want to shoot another gun. All Elites feature 17-4 stainless shafts, shark fin style tabs and top flopper with 6mm threads. Shoot Tahitian-style or remove the flopper and screw on a break-away tip for large game fish. Bands are Hi-Mod 5/8Inches O.D. with abrasion resistant Spectra cord wishbones.

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