JBL Euro Woody Spear Gun

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The Euro, so accurate, all you have-to-do is point, pull the trigger, and collect your catch. JBL has found the perfect mix of power, weight, and balance topped off by their legendary Three-Piece M8 Trigger Mechanism and ergonomically designed polymer handle. The M8, Trigger Mechanism its compound leverage design with 1/4" (6.35mm) stainless components that make it the strongest mechanism in the world and provide shooters with smooth, effortless trigger pull. It features 6mm threaded heat treated stainless steel shafts. The shaft is hand tuned for alignment then heat treated for maximum hardness to reduce flex and provide optimum energy transfer. The gun is equipped with dual nitro oversized bands with wishbones made from Spectra cord that provide superior strength and durability. Gun is made of African Mahogany; the precision accuracy in all conditions and feature the legendary JBL performance and durability that have made JBL a world leader for over 40 years. The Solid African Mahogany blank is hand selected for straightness and grain pattern. The result: A spear gun that works just as well shooting fish as it does looking good. Just pick one up and you'll know what JBL's talking about. Comfortable in blue water or right off the beach, these guns are the best shooting partner you'll ever dive with. Barrels are fully chamfered for reduced drag when tracking fish, and the integrated muzzle, line wrap, and line anchor provide for accuracy and streamlined effi

  • Solid African Mahogany CNC machined barrel
  • Integrated full spearshaft track for maximum accuracy
  • Hand straightened and tuned 17-4 9/32″ heat treated stainless steel spearshaft with shark fin load tabs
  • Fully chamfered barrel for improved sweeping and tracking
  • Positively buoyant (without shaft loaded)