SALVIMAR Hero Speargun

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Quiet hunts lead to thrilling catches. Introducing the new Salvimar Hero Speargun with Reel. With reliable precision and accuracy, you will always catch your prey. The hydrodynamic elliptic barrel drags less in the water and is easy to move underwater. Its Teflon coat makes it double silent, turning it into a extremely dangerous speargun. The fish won't even know you're hunting them. Catch fish as big as Groupers with its massive and powerful trigger, and triple notched shaft. Shoot with your right or left hand with the ergonomic handle butt. Keep an open muzzle, or close it with the supplied standard bridge. Deadly accurate, the Salvimar Hero is here to awaken your hunting senses while silencing the fish. Elliptical barrel coated with Teflon for silence, less water drag and more tracking Combination of reel wheel and shaft with flap to catch fish heavier than 15lbs Ergonomic handle butt lets you choose between right or left hand New Heavy Metal 350 trigger mechanism Includes two 16mm bands with Dyneema wishbones for further silence underwater Soft rubber chest loading pad 7.0 mm shaft for Hero 85 and 95, and 7.5mm shaft for Hero 105

  • Aircraft Aluminum
  • Teflon Track
  • Open Muzzle
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Heavy Metal Trigger