SALVIMAR Vertical Reel 70

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If you want to shoot big fish, you need a reel. A large fish can pull your spear gun right out of your hand when it gets shot. The fish will begin to sound and when it does the fishes strength can take you for a ride. If you are not on Scuba this could become a problem very fast without a reel. The Salvimar Vertical Reel 70 is built to last manufactured from stainless steel, nylon and Delrin components. Reel has separate drag and handle for winding. Line guide helps play out line and evenly reel it back in. The reel is compatible with all Salvimar spearguns. Includes standard supplied components for assembly. Design & technical concept made in Salvimar of Italy. Reel has a line capacity of 70m x 1.5mm (230' x 0.6").

  • Salvimar Vertical Reel 70
  • Salvimar Vertical Reel 70:
  • Designed for Salvimar Spear Guns
  • A Must for Shooting Big Fish!
  • Adds Safety to Spear Fishing