SalviMar Wetsuit, 5.5mm Krypsis Camouflage Neoprene Spearfishing Hunting Dive Camo Two-Piece Suit (2XL)

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New for 2019 – The Salvimar Krypsis 5.5mm Camo Reef Wetsuit. When spearfishing you want the best advantages to bag that trophy fish. Blending in with the environment is one of the most important advantages the underwater hunter can have. A stealthy camouflaged suit meets that need. The Salvimar Krypsis is a two-piece wetsuit, jacket with hood and high-waisted trousers. Exterior material is Salvimar Camo ultra-elastic lining + Neoprene Q-FOAM that equals excellent comfort and easy wear ability. Interior material is Q-FOAM open cell neoprene. Guards and reinforcement Puff-Gum on torso and knees. Double glued and blind stitched (GBS) cross seam for maximum strength and seal. Beavertail seal with double buttons. CRSS (Camo Round Seal System) external trim on wrists, ankles, face and waist add warmth and reduce water exchange. Suit is made from 5.5mm thick neoprene and is available in multiple sizes.

  • New for 2019 – The Salvimar Krypsis 5.5mm Camo Reef Wetsuit
  • Double Glued & Blind Stitched (GBS) Cross Seam for Maximum Strength & Seal
  • Exterior Material: Salvimar Camo Ultra-Elastic Lining
  • Core: 3.5mm Neoprene Q-FOAM
  • Interior Lining: Q-FOAM Open Cell Neoprene