Suunto Eon Steel Computer

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The Suunto eon steel wrist computer is the new standard for advanced/technical diving. The long-anticipated eon sets new standards in the diving world with its new brilliantly bright display, fully customizable Interface, rechargeable battery and extremely rugged construction. The eon was designed for divers, by divers and will deliver well beyond your expectations.. full continuous decompression algorithm - Suunto fused rgbm - air/nitrox/trimix support, multi-gas-diving (up to 10 gases) - altitude adjustment 0' to 10, 000' (0 to 3, 000 meters) - ascent rate monitor/alarm and time display, deep stops and safety stops functions, audible and visual alarms, temperature display, transferable dive planner, dive time in seconds and minutes, full decompression data, log book memory and lifetime history, profile sampling rates in seconds, maximum depth alarm and depth display, 4 operation modes: air, ccr, gauge, mixed gas, cns% + otu calculation (olaf) - gas switching during dive, max Po2 adjustment: 0.5 - 1.6 - up to 8 gases, oxygen 5-99%, helium 0-95% - operating temperature: +32 degree F - +104 degree F (0 degree C - +40 degree C - depth rating: 492' (150 meters) - battery power indicator, low battery warning, rechargeable battery.

  • Designed for advanced/technical diving
  • Optional wireless air integration
  • Air/nitrox/trimix support
  • Multi gas diving (up to 10 gases)
  • 4 operation modes: air, ccr, gauge, mixed gas