SUUNTO USB Dive Manager

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The USB Dive Manager by Suunto is a premium tool for recording, organizing and retrieving dive information from your Suunto dive computer. The program allows easy retrieval and printing of data, creation of dive graphs and addition of notes to the logbook. The large memory capacity of Suunto dive computers allows you to transfer data such as dive profile, dive time, maximum depth, temperature and air consumption directly to your PC. You can also enter dive locations, buddy names, equipment and other comments just as you would with a conventional paper log. The simulation function helps you gain greater understanding of decompression theory and computer-assisted multi level diving. It enables you make the most of your Suunto dive computer and is an invaluable aid for instruction. Data can also be uploaded to Suunto's online diving community at, where you can share information and experiences with other divers from around the world. The Suunto Dive Manager is compatible with Suunto D9, Suunto D3, Mosquito, Stinger, Cobra, Vytec, Vyper, Spyder, Eon Lux, Eon and the complete Solution range. Note, that only Suunto Dive Manager version 1.6 is not compatible with Suunto D9. Minimum System Requirements: IBM compatible PC VGA video with at least 640 x 480 resolution (Super VGA video 800 x 600 or higher resolution recommended) 40 MB free hard disk capacity Serial port or serial/USB adapter Compatible with: Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT 4 Windows 2000 Windows XP