Xit 404

Xit 404 Aqua Pencil Tether-Red

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The Aqua Pencil Tether is made from stretchable silicon rubber. It is 15" long and will stretch to twice its length without breaking or the loops pulling apart. Available in seven colors: red, yellow, orange, blue, green, black and pink. At each end is a novel self-locking feature that loops around itself to capture gear.

It was originally designed for the Aqua Pencil to loop it through the hole on the Aqua Pencil and pull the other end through the hole in a Slate to secure it. But you can use the Tether to secure any other light-weight gear. Possible uses are these: wrap it around power cords to keep them nice and tidy, attach a whistle or mirror to a BC/PFD or use it as a big rubber-band. Another tether will be will become available in the future for heavier task loading.

  • Versatile Silicon Rubber Lanyard, Tether, Retainer
  • Is Sefl-Locking
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Can Stretch to twice its length
  • Wrap around or Retain to Lilghtweight Products