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XS Scuba MiFlex High Pressure Carbon Hoses

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In the diving world, less drag equals a better dive. The XS SCUBA Miflex High-Pressure Carbon Hose is lightweight, flexible, and durable for your pressure-gauge or tank transmitters. This allows you to streamline your dive gear for greater mobility and ease in transport. The high-pressure carbon hose is 35% thinner than traditional 0.3" (7.8mm) rubber hoses, making packing into a gear bag easier and lighter than a traditional rubber hose. Factory-cleaned and Nitrox-ready, the Miflex Hose has an abrasion-resistant nylon exterior. The electroless nickel-plated fittings are made from corrosion-resistant marine-grade brass. Both fittings have strain relief with shock absorption. The male fitting has a green Viton O-ring. This hose has a working pressure of 4,500 psi and a burst pressure of 29,000. High-pressure hose is made for pressure-gauge and tank transmitters 35% lighter and thinner than traditional rubber hoses for less drag and ease in packing Streamlined design to reduce water resistance, prevent snagging and conserve air Available in multiple lengths to fit a variety of diving needs Made of graphite carbon 7/6-20 UNF male and 7/16-20 UNF female threads Limited 24-month warranty

  • Female Fitting: 7/16'' X 20 female threads, strain relief with shock absorber, 14mm deep airspool well
  • Male Fitting: 7/16'' x 20 male threads, strain relief with shock absorber, Green Viton o-ring
  • Graphite Carbon color
  • Less then 8mm diameter
  • Braided nylon exterior layer