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XS Scuba Universal Floating Object Accessories Kits - Instructor Kit

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In order to turn a motivated student into a diver, you have to get out of the classroom. Along with all your teaching gear. Thankfully, getting your students and your necessary equipment into the water is easier than ever. With the installation of the Instructor Kit, the UFO offers plenty of handholds as well as ample, secure storage space for instructor slates, spare items, and the safety equipment you hope you never need. Two handle assemblies provide handholds for pre-dive instruction. Zippered cargo bag and cargo net keep equipment secure and easily accessible. Folding anchor for keeping the UFO hovering overhead while you dive. Transforms the UFO base model into an instructor float Zippered cargo bag has large pull bob for easy opening with gloves Cargo net for securing wetsuits or towels 2 handle assembles to create 4 student hand holds Rust-resistant 1.5-lb. folding anchor Kit Includes 2 handle assemblies Zippered cargo bag Cargo net Small folding anchor

  • XS Scuba Universal Floating Object (UFO) Accessories Kits, See Features for Kits Contents
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  • Versatile, Floating Platform: Can-Be-Adapted to Numerous Uses
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